'NEVADA' (2012) Produced by RUTH PAXTON & DAVID LIDDELL / Written and Directed by RUTH PAXTON / Cinematography and Editing by DAVID LIDDELL /

Commissioned by LAU 'NEVADA' is a psychological portrait of two lovers who have grown to hate one another, who are well beyond breaking point and who must separate. Taking inspiration from aspects of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller's fated marriage, as a springboard for content and style, NEVADA is a contemporary experimental study about humans and how exhausting hatred can be, while also examining themes of identity and guilt. NEVADA is an engrossing, expressionistic mood piece with a narrative backbone, powerful themes of loathing, performance, rescue and loss, with strong central characters. 'NEVADA' explores, in great detail, the journey between sensitivity and fighting. Starring KIM CHAPMAN & LOUIS PAXTON / Choreography RIANNE WHITE / Assistant Director TIM MATTHEW / Make Up and Hair SARAH CAIRNCROSS / Wardrobe Stylist EMMA MACFARLANE / Assistant to Stylist RACHEL MILES / Stills Photographer OLIVIA RUTHERFORD / Catering CARRIE PAXTON / Baking CAROL LIDDELL / & Thanks to JILL TORRANCE and ERLAND SWEENY.