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The Proclaimers

Angry Cyclist (2018)

“Watch bigotry advance,
Give ignorance a chance,
With fascists we'll now dance, my oh my”


Child: Amber Byres

Pregnant Woman: Samantha Webster

Lead Female Cyclist: Mhairi Waddell

Lead Female Cyclist 2: Amy Robertson

Female Cyclist: Rhianna Adams

Male Cyclist: Hamish Logan

Male Cyclist 2: Ruben CampBell-Paine

Male Cyclist 3: James Stewart

Male Cyclist 4: Stuart Muir 

Director: Rianne White

Producer: David Neilson

Production: Amelia Jacobsen

Production Runner: Callum Bird-Neilson

Production Runner: Oliver Henderson

Production Runner: Claire Hutchison

Production Runner: Max Cutting

DOP: David Foulkes

Focus Puller: Sefa Ucbas

2AC: Rasmus Rani

Gaffer: Niall Smyth

Spark: Jordan Crawford

Grip: Richi Holt

Art Director: Laura Strong

Make-up: Sarah Lala

Prosthetics: Florence Carter

Stylist: Zoe Radcliffe

Projection: Andrew Watson

Post Production: Rianne White



South Queensferry PRIVATE ANTIQUES AND COLLECTION for letting us use multiple props.